Áras an Uachtaráin bound after Inis Bofin Arts festival

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Heading up to play some Bluegrass with the Old Time Rounders for the Garden party for the President in Áras an Uachtaráin.  Now there’s a gig to get! I’ve got my Dobro, Fiddle and fancy checked shirt on.  Unfortunately minus a couple of buttons which I’ll have to sew on the way. Thankfully I’m not driving.  I’ve heard of people doing their nails  whilst at the wheel but not needle work.

What a weekend just gone  at the Ini festival on Inis Bofin. absolutely marvellous weekend organised by Peader King. Great music, talks, films, walks and he even booked the scorching weather.  I’ve been a bit slow to post about it as it’s taken a few days to recover from round the clock fun and music. It kicked off on Friday where I had the joy and nerves of accompanying masters of songs Jack L, Doug Paisley, Steve Wall and  Larry Bo.  I had the Telecaster and Dobro but as a string broke on the Tele I stuck to the Dobro which which sounded sweet with Mike Nestor putting a Neumen on it.  Thanks, Mike.  Super songs and stories from the guys. Afterwards it was a pleasure to be asked to do a few numbers with the WhileAways who did a sweet set.

On Saturday in the afternoon I got to see the Atlantic by Risteard Ó Domhnaill who directed the Pipe which a really opening account of the state of Island communities, fishing and oil rights, EU Candian, Irish and Norwegian Governements.  It was great in the afternoon to walk and Jam with Canaidian songwriter and hot guitarist Doug Paisley who I had the pleasure of playing with at his concert on Saturday night.  Super musically and really interesting approach to performing as he only uses a microphone on his guitar.  Really sweet sound and a really different dynamic approach.  It really reduces the possible volume but makes for such a pleasurable listening  and playing experience.  Great job Mike and Liam.  Then there was the amazing music  from Portugese singer Elisa Rodrigues, featuring Pedro Vidal on guitars.

After a very late one I was a bit of a right off for Sunday and not up too much except chilling and swimming.  Great to hang out with such creative people and their kids.  In the evening it was lovely to listen to the genius Jazz pianist Martin Tingvall and float away.  Afterwards in The Dolphin hanging out was again so much craic although I think everyone was fried and I felt like a child who’s having so much fun yet is refusing to give in and go to bed. Here’s some pics of the Island.  See inisfestival.com , good next year it’s amazing.