Fall tour with Brother Dege and the Brotherhood

Laser beams at Blueballs with Brother Dege

Here’s the initial tour dates with some to be added.  Really looking forwards to it.

10/25/19 Syke, Germany, Hall Of The Kreissparkasse

10/26/19 Loitz, Germany, Bauernstube Bluesnight

10/29/19 Berlin, Germany, Boiler House

10/30/19 Hamburg, Germany Downtown Blues Club

10/31/19 Templin, Germany, Multicultural Center

11/1/19 Torgau, Germany, Cultural Bastion

11/2/19 Trostburg, Germany, Postsaal

11/3/19 Ohrdruf, Germany, Living room concert


11/5/19 Weil am Rhein, Boiler House

11/6/19 B – St. Vith – Kuz, Germany, Kuz

11/7/19 Unna, Germany, Linden Brewery

11/8/19 Salzgitter, Germany, Kniestadt Church

11/9/19 Storkow, Germany, Palas Of Storkow Castle



11/12/19Berchtesgaden, Cuckoo’s Nest

11/13/19 Bad Aibling – Kurhaus

11/14/19Biberach / Riss – Culture Hall Abdera

11/15/19 Geislingen / Steige, Germany, Rätsche

11/16/19 Garching, Germany, Town House, Bluesnight



11/19/19 Fürth, Germany, Culture Forum

11/20/19 Langenargen, Germany, Münzhaus

11/21/19 CH-Aarau – KIFF (Support: The Two)

11/22/19 Nagold, Germany, Old Seminar Gym

11/23/19 Brackenheim, Germany, Chapel in The Castle


11/26/19 FR, Saint Etienne, Disorder

11/27/19 FR, Besançon, Bar de L’u

11/28/19 FR, Valence, Le Sallon de Jean-Louis

11/29/19 FR, Paris. La Boule noire

11/30/19 FR, Nantes, La Scène Michelet

12/01/19 FR, Angers, Le Jokers Pub